The requirement for any business using music to improve its environment should be, we believe, is Legal Music for business.  However, some businesses just assume they can play an iPod, iTunes Streaming, or Spotify in their business – without paying anyone.  They may not understand that the public performance of a musical work is a legal right.  Beyond the legality, we think it’s simply not fair to the music creators.

  1. Fairness.  You have a business and earn a living by charging for your products or services.  You use music for your business to provide a better customer experience.  On the other hand, artists, producers, record labels earn a living by producing music.  Is it not fair that you charge for your products and services, but pay no fee to those who produce the very music you use to help make your business better.
  2. Legality.  With limited exceptions, U.S. Copyright law requires royalty payments to song copyright owners as consideration for the use of their songs.  The Performance Rights Organizations will take legal action when required.  See examples on a recent post on ASCAP’s site here.

The Better Business Bureau provides more details here.