1. How does UMix work?

UMix uses two things, our website (where you select your music and set your schedule) and our music player software (to play music in your locations).

2. What hardware do I need to play music?

If you have a PC or Android device you want to use, you can just use our software. Or you can order a player from us.

3. Are the music royalties included?

Royalties are included for background music in retail stores, restaurants, banks, schools, airports, etc.

4. How does payment work?

For your first order you purchase here using a card or PayPal.  For all subsequent invoices we send an email 30 days before payment is due.

5. Will UMix work with my current audio system?

Yes.  UMix uses a standard RCA plug to output our music to your amplifier.

6. How do I connect to my amplifier?

See our Audio Cables One-sheet for the easy details.

7. Are UMix players WiFi capable?

Yes. UMix players are WiFi capable.

8. Can I play more than one zone of music at a time?

Yes. UMix is capable of two distinct zones of simultaneous playback of music.

9. Does UMix install audio systems?

UMix does not install audio systems.  Audio systems are a separate area of expertise.  UMix customers use their own audio systems and installers when needed.

10. How does UMix provide support?

Our simple goal is to help.

Page Tours – provide key information on every page.

Knowledge Base – Our KB is full of straight-forward instructional information and tips.

UMix Support –  Customer access UMix support by clicking a support icon on the bottom right of any web page, or by going to https://support.umix.com.

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