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Day-Parts and Seasonal Variety

Enjoy World Class Variety

UMix business music provides over 200 professionally built playlists using a wide variety of musical genres (by the original Major Record Label Artists). Most playlists have 1200 songs (about 80 hours of music).  And every single playlist is refreshed weekly All songs in our library are professionally screened to be business appropriate.  Plus, you have ultimate control over every song.

Easily Create Custom Playlists

Easily Create Custom Playlists

Do you want to create your own custom playlists? Great! Because UMix makes it fast and easy to custom build the exact playlist you want.  You’ll simply find and select the songs and artists you want for your custom playlist – and press save!  Yet another way you can customize your music is by blending playlists.  Just select the playlists you want to combine and the percentage of each.

Day-Parts and Seasonal Variety

Vary Your Music Automatically by the Day, Week and Year

You can easily add playlists to your music schedules using our simple drag/drop scheduler.  Feel free to play the same playlist all week or create a variety of day-parts that automatically change as you determine.  You can even set up your seasonal schedule well in advance and our system will play your exact playlists on the precise dates you selected.


Music For Business Add-On - Messaging

Promotional Messaging

Upload and schedule your unique promotional  advertising messages for your customers to hear – while they are shopping in your store.

Music For Business Add-On - Zone B

Music On Zone B

Each player can power two independent zones of music.  This is for business who require separate types of music to play at the same time.  Think bar area vs. dining area.