Following is completely honest and transparent answer to how UMix approaches customer support.  We’ve never pretended to be like anyone else and we’re not going to start that now.  The same applies to how we handle customer support.

Like many other issues such as:

  • Streaming business music
  • Customer-centric control
  • Open and transparent customer access to data
  • Never snail-mailing invoices
  • No long contracts
  • Simple, low pricing
  • …and more

UMix is on the forefront of providing support using a process that provides actual help to our customers, quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

For our customers, and for us, time is the most valuable thing we have – by far. Our years of experience working with many, many customers of diverse backgrounds has taught us how to use our time wisely in a way that yields timely, quality solutions to issues that are within our control.  We also want customers to know what’s outside our control, and where they can go for assistance on those issues.

Here’s how it works. Customers have a red button on the top right of every web page on our website. All customer-initiated support requests are started this way, just one click to a form we pre-populate with customer information. Customers simply state their needs, and press submit. We respond promptly.

That said, most issues can be resolved easily without any involvement by us – and without wasted time by anyone. Start with one fact, that music play depends on issues outside our control. For example, trading phone calls and spending 30 minutes only to determine Sally turned the volume down is not a good use of anyone’s time. So what we do is provide a set of clear instructions and detailed troubleshooting steps that are easily accessible.  This helps customers quickly to solve most issues without wasting anyone’s time. We expect customers to check that before even submitting a ticket.

None of this is to say that we don’t talk live to customers. In fact, we routinely speak with customers. But we do that after customers attempt to resolve their issues, and then send a respectful communication indicating where they are stuck. When we think a call will move an item along faster, we make the call without hesitation.

Everyone at UMix understands our product thoroughly and can handle 99.99% of all issues. When we do help, we do it with quality and direct focus on the issues customers present – in a completely forthright manner. We do not operate a call center staffed with folks with time to waste and little understanding of the product, and how to support it. That’s many of the other guys.