Here are 10 common mistakes you can make by NOT using a reputable business music provider.

1. Playing the radio –  Customers visiting your business may hear ads from your competitors.

2. Playing CD’s on a CD changer  – Just ask your employees about song repeats.

3. DJ “Chatter” – Some satellite services have DJ’s who introduce chatter between songs.  This can annoy customers and distract employees.

4. Using your i-pod or MP3 player  – The cost to purchase the songs is among other problems you’ll see below.

5. Offensive lyrical content  – A reputable business music service provider reviews songs for lyrical content and culls out or tags tracks with potentially offensive lyrics.

6. Inconsistent volume – Not all songs are recorded at the same level.  Consumer playback systems generally do not level all songs to a consistent volume.  Variations in loudness can be disturbing to customers and employees.

7. Hidden costs of doing it yourself – Time spent obtaining songs; cost of songs; time to maintain playlists – keeping content fresh; royalties paid to Performance Rights Organizations; potential legal defense costs; no access to professional support.

8. Streaming an i-tunes or other on-line playlist – Not licensed for business; not screened for content; song volume inconsistency; not targeted for your customer demographics.

9. Poor variety – A reputable provider will have tens of thousands of songs available for immediate use.

10. What happens when you’re not there? – A reputable provider will enable you to ensure your desired content is played even when you’re not there to mind the shop.