What exactly is Pandora for Business and how does it compare to UMix?

While we make no claim to be the expert on Pandora for Business, we know enough about our industry to provide some understanding of what Pandora for Business really is.  But to understand Pandora for Business, it’s necessary to start with some history about plain old Pandora.


Plain Old Pandora

Pandora is personal use music service developed starting in 2000 based on the idea that a larger playlist could be built based on songs a user chooses.  An algorithm would apply some criteria and add songs from a database. Thumbs up or down on a songs would refine the playlist.  Pandora offers a free service supported by ads, and a fee-based service without ads.  The key thing here is that it’s developed and licenses only for personal use, not for business use or play in public.  Learn more here.



Pandora for Business

Pandora for Business has a long and complicated history, but we’ll keep it simple here.  Pandora for Business is separate from Pandora.  Pandora for Business is operated by Mood Media.  Their How It Works page states, “Give songs you like a thumbs-up and thumbs-down songs you don’t to refine your stations.”  So we conclude the operating concept is similar to Plain Old Pandora.  Their licensing page states, “we’ve got you covered…”  Pandora for Business is a essentially consumer product with music for business licensing.


Pandora for Business Compared to UMix Streaming Business Music

Unlike Pandora, the founding idea behind UMix is to deliver value to businesses by enabling them to  easily and completely control what songs are played at each of their locations.  Our software, database, music library and business processes have always centered on the idea of serving only businesses.  UMix goes way beyond thumbs up and thumbs down.  UMix content is completely customizable and is 100% controlled by our customers.  There is no control at the store or business location.  UMix is streaming music built for business.  Our player just plays, and our website enables as much or as little customization as our corporate customer wants.