The Las Vegas Monorail

I would like to challenge anyone to come up with a better metaphor, a better visual image for coming back from the Covid disaster…than a train.

Since the 1800’s trains have been the symbol of strength and power.  Trains have the look, the sound, the raw energy, the ability to move confidently, quickly efficiently and easily, up and down, and through mountains, and over great distances.  These unique qualities are why trains have spoken to the hopes and dreams of generations of Americans.

For UMix, the symbol of the train became a reality last month when the Las Vegas Monorail (LVM) resumed our music service, post Covid.

Like some other customers hit hard by Covid, over a year ago LVM asked us to suspend our music service.  In the ensuing months, most UMix customers re-opened, while unfortunately a few others permanently closed.  More at the mercy of local economic and governmental conditions than virtually anyone, LVM ended up being offline the longest and was the last of the UMix customers to return.

Of course we wish them well as they move forward.  As a service provider in a premier global travel destination, their business is a bellweather for overall economic activity.  If they are thriving, it’s because people are traveling.  It means other businesses are thriving.  And it’s more likely your business has the opportunity to thrive.

At UMix we are extremely grateful for the splendid metaphor delivered to us by the Las Vegas Monorail.  So join us in welcoming LVM back.  Have a good thought for them, and for everyone in the UMix circle, such as other customers, suppliers, and yes, us.