If you’re a UMix customer, chances are you already understand our relentless quest to deliver value.  Around here we say the old rules don’t apply anymore.  Since we introduced our own music and message delivery platform in 2009, we’ve led our industry in a variety of ways.  Some examples are complete transparency, no complicated pricing tiers, no long contracts and an amazing $23 monthly subscription.  Our mindset is to deliver value in multiples over our competition.  And now, the brand new UMix Player has arrived.

Until now, our UMix Player was written only for the Windows Operating System.  So we put our engineers to work developing a fantastic new UMix Music Player for Android.  We even improved upon our Windows version by adding several new features.  And best of all, when you order a music player from UMix, our new price is now an unbelievable $49!

When we entered this business, the standard was a $300 to $400 music player, $70 monthly subscription, long agreements and extremely limited choices in terms of music.  Since then we’ve severely bent the cost curve, improved the product features by 10X, made it more accessible, reliable and hassle-free.

If you’re not a UMix customer, this post should give you a sense of what you can expect from UMix, a no-nonsense approach to deliver unprecedented value and to never give up improving upon the status quo.