Scratch, Blend And Mix Just Like a Pro DJ
- Just By Playing Songs From Your
Music Library. Simple!

The difference with Umix is all the DJ hard work is hidden "under the hood".

Simply add songs from your music library and play them.

Then watch as Umix automatically scratches, blends and cross-fades each song - just like a pro club or mixtape DJ would do.


Choose From 3 Ways To Mix


cross-fades beatmatched songs


autoscratches your songs


like hitting power off on a turntable

Enjoy your mix on the move with our powerful lockscreen, playlist and one click mixing functions.

Unlock the skills of a pro DJ entirely passively with the simplest, easiest DJ experience ever imaginable.

If you've ever watched a superstar DJ scratch and cut... heard a flawless club blend... listened to a perfect mix...

But thought "I couldn't do that" ... "I can't afford the equipment or "I don't have years to learn to do that then Umix app is for you.

It's time that the enjoyment of DJing is brought to the masses and umix will make that happen.

Umix works with MP3s, DRM protected songs and many other popular formats meaning your entire collection (downloaded and purchased) is just a download away from being automixed!


Feature Highlights

Music player with auto DJ mixes
& transitions
Ultra realistic turntable effects
- low latency
Automix Mode #2: Blend-
beatmatches tempo and cross
-fades songs flawlessly
Program scratches - add your
own scratch sounds with full
control over length and duration
Settings page - set all these
features as default. Then simply
click play to DJ your music
Connects to music library on iPad
or iPhone
Automix Mode #1: Scratch -
scratches your music just like a
pro turntablist
Automix Mode #1: Scratch -
scratches your music just like a
pro turntablist
Default speed - speed down or
slow ("screw") all your music
by +/- 7-15%
4 bar juggle - skip back and
forwards 16 beats to repeat your
favorite parts of songs

Turn on "automix" to DJ your songs

Or build custom playlists to take control of the party. And since its intended as a simple music player, with an invisible DJ behind the scenes, you can put it in your pocket and...



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